Ham and pineapple. Kind of.

Kohlrabi smoked and charred made into “ham” and “apple wood puree,” new kohlrabi in brine and aged, lamb’s quarter, amaranth, and pineapple sage.

The idea with the brined kohlrabi came from the limitation of working with only fresh-water fish, vegetation, ect… and I did achieve a firmly-cooked, scallop-like texture and flavor by brining and aging. 

However, when the outer part of the smoked and charred, old kohlrabi took on the flavor of straight apple wood and smoke, I decided to take it in a different direction. 

The dish is vegan. Not necessarily intended to be so, but it just plain didn’t need anything else.

Everything from Exterior Farm.

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    It definitely had the texture of a firm cheese, but the flavor of sweet ham.
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    I love that the rabi looks like a cheese of sorts. Was the texture anything like that when you sliced it?
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