I leave for Copenhagen tomorrow night. It’s a trip I’ve wanted to take for a very long time to see how their businesses are run. Something that has always intrigued me about Scandinavia is their forward thinking philosophies on food and collectively ran operations.

I wanted to post a couple new dishes to before I go to Denmark, when I get back before I go to Cook It Raw Charleston, and after, to see how much these two trips affects the food here at TMIP. 

This dish is composed of about 99% foraged goods in Indiana. The 1% is the lard and goat’s milk which were cultivated in Indiana.

I stewed some puff ball slices with thyme and sassafras stems in lard and cooked the mixture down with goat’s milk. I pureed that mixture into a gelatinous-like, tongue coating cream. It was placed on the plate and charred with a torch.

I dipped wild ginger root in spruce syrup and dehydrated them.I then took the sap deposits from the cones and crystallized them in the dehydrator as well.

I then scored the top of a puff ball mushroom and basted it in hot lard. 

The plate was finished with shavings of puff ball both raw, and dried.

Tomorrow I will do a Lake Salmon Caviar and Hen Egg dish, both from our Exterior Farm and hopefully I’ll get to the grapes we’ve been saving.

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